All the details about your girl

I'm a mama to a beautiful three year old girl named Camila. She is wild yet gentle and full of love. I married my soulmate, Julian, who I met in Las Vegas at a music festival in 2014. We moved to Oceanside once he joined the marines and reside local to Camp Pendleton. I love 90's hip hop but I can also get down to some R&B and classic rock depending on the day. I'm both a home body and an adventurer. I love nights in, cozied up with my loved ones and I also love exploring destinations that call out to me like the desert and mountaintops. My passion for photography drives me in all other areas of my life. There is never a thought of my future without photography in it. I hope to never stop falling in love with capturing images that speak to my soul, sharing these precious memories with clients, the amazing humans I get to meet along the way and the nature that surrounds us.

Photo by Cassidy Jo Photography